A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Rogue for Hire is a roguelike game that was made for the seven day roguelike challenge in 2015. The focus of this game is aiming carefully.

You have been hired by the local sheriff to hunt down Three-Fingered Jack and his gang. They're holed up in an abandoned gold mine, and you're going in after them.

In this game you need to aim carefully before shooting in order to hit your target. Start locking onto a target by pressing 'a'. Select your target and press enter. The aim bar on the right shows how accurate your shot will be. If you or your target hold still it will increase your accuracy, and cover (looks like ") near your target will decrease your accuracy. Remember, this works for enemies too, so sitting still in the open makes you an easy target.


Arrow keys, number pad, or vi keys - movement

a - start aiming (press enter to select your target)

f - fire a shot

x - look

? - help

. - wait

C-q - abandon character


This game is currently unavailable